I have a passion (well really an obsession) with cooking books.

There are a number of chefs I like and have a few of their books and of course a few more I would like.

My logic when buying books…… if I use 1 recipe from the book it has paid for itself…..

I use the books on a regular basis, going back now and again for inspiration, just to find ‘the right one’.

I don’t know about you, but I search and search for recipes depending on the event, the people, the ingredients, etc etc. so I use all resources available to me, including TV, Internet, Books, magazines …. you know what I mean, so I have created a list here of books I already have, there are quite a few missing, so I will keep adding as I work my way through the books shelves, desks, etc….

Then I will build my wish list of those books I would like to have and 1 day will, but at the moment there is just not enough room on the many shelves to buy them…….